In Production – The Real Estate Agent Talks: So New Agents Can Succeed in the Tough Conversations

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The Real Estate Sales Secret sparked some great conversations with both media and individuals.  One group of real estate agents in particular, new agents, ignite the most conversation.  So, in production now, my 4th book, is written specifically for new agents in their first year.  Here’s the back cover language:


“That first year in real estate is challenging.

Very challenging.

Successfully navigating this year requires not only a winning mind-

set, resilience, and creativity, but also tactical skills. Communication

is paramount among these skills. The primary challenge is that you

have never communicated about real estate sales.


In The Real Estate Agent Talks, learn how communicate like a

professional. Here is how to having winning conversations, even

when the subject matter is potentially scary.

Selling real estate is simple, exhilarating, and lucrative, especially

when you feel confident. Enjoy The Real Estate Agent Talks, and put

it to use today.”


Let me know if you want to take an early look at the content.  Have a great day!