Small Space “Warm Up”

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This room was small, and, a bit “cold” feeling… so we warmed it up!  Electric fireplaces have reached a technological point of satisfaction – that is, they look and act really great now, whereas they used to be a bit “hokey.”

This is simple white oak plywood, with a dark walnut mantle, and a 42″ electric fireplace (that looks and feels real, and delivers lots of heat!).

Real Estate Smart Available for Sale

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Every home buyer and shopper will be amazed what little things about your house make a big difference in your life!  Did you know…

– …The presence of one item on your street can make your children significantly safer?

– …Which sex has a much more difficult time dealing with “clutter?”

– …What it costs to maintain your home, per foot?

These are the first of many interesting topics covered in

Real Estate Smart:

What Your House Does To Your Life, And Why You Should Know About It.

Coming soon in Kindle and Audible, available for purchase at: Amazon.