New Book Review – The Golden Handoff: How to Buy and Sell a Real Estate Agent’s Business

This is the first real estate agent/sales/business book I have picked up and thought:

“This is a truly novel concept.”

There are some great ones out there, suggested both in my book, and in my media.  But the entire topic of this book has not been covered yet.  More impressively, I thought the idea was a “unicorn;” I didn’t think the concept itself was possible to successfully execute (honestly, before this book I flat out scoffed at the idea).  Now, I am revisiting my business plan in perfect time for the 2016 selling season.

The concept, handing off or annexing someone else’s real estate business, is obviously attractive for both parties:  “If you retire, I take your customers, and I pay you a referral.”  In practice, though, the customer, the most important part of the business, can decide not to participate!

I am excited to have a handbook for something I haven’t done, which this author has, which offers real income results.  I am also ecstatic to have it early in my career (mid-thirties), so I can game plan this strategy moving forward.

Additionally, though the real estate market is hot currently, this won’t last.  The next time we have a market disruption, the attrition rates, sadly, will be very high.  This has me thinking about how to best leverage the great work, time, and energy of others into success for customers, and, myself.

Without spewing hyperbole, which this book doesn’t, the concept, writing, design, flow, and usability of this book all score “A’s.”  Maybe I will have Nick Krautter, the author, take over my business someday.  I recommend this book as one of the five “must reads” in modern real estate literature.  Enjoy!

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