Recently, listing blog posts have been getting a lot of traction, as have any podcasts I have heard or been a part of that related to listings.  To supplement the fantastic dialogue about “getting listings,” and, to give examples of listing marketing (Chapters 19, 20, and 21 in The Real Estate Sales Secret), here are seven examples of listing marketing you can use, and subsequently show during your listing presentations:

1. Drone photography – If the listing has interesting features and/or land not evident in still photos, hire drone photography for about $250 (email me about the laws regarding hiring drone service).

2. Outbound electronic mail to top agents – Gather the emails of top local agents and send them electronic advertising for your listings.  This both markets your listing, and, develops a social network for you.

3. Local television – This week, I reached out to a local news magazine (t.v. show) that has a weekly spot on cool real estate.  They decided to shoot a listing of mine, for free, because they needed content.  A one-time ad on this same show for real estate was about $10,000.  Sellers LOVE this type of advertising.

4. Local print media – Again, are local newspapers or magazines looking for content?  Find a reason one, or some, of your listings are interesting, and, pitch a story.  I would bet if you send out five inquiries, you will get one “yes,” to write a short story about a home of yours. 

5. Blogs – Reach out to prominent bloggers and ask if they (not you) want to do a piece on one of your homes.

6. Floorplans – I don’t think it will be too long until floorpans are included with all listings.  Get a simple floorpan made of your listings, and sellers AND buyers will be impressed with the amount of useful information you are giving customers.

7. Champions – Develop an email list of people you know will promote your listings.  Then, send them a first glance at your listings, the second you put them on the market, so they feel privileged and excited to share your listings first.

These are just a start!  I guarantee the other agents in your office aren’t using all of these.  Use them as a competitive advantage: Blog on Competitive Advantages.


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