How Bad Can it Get?

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We all get scared to prospect; to make cold calls on the phone, make cold calls in person, call people we haven’t talked to in a while, or call an expired listing.

I just did the math on it, and I think I have made over 50,000 prospecting calls while selling real estate (while I worked in the NBA I had to make at least 100 phone calls per day that were recorded by a computer, my bosses, and a phone system).

What is the worst thing that can happen on a call?  Here are mine, in ascending order:

5.  CUSTOMER PULLS GUN.  I walked into an investment property with it’s owner.  It was in a rough neighborhood, and, we were to negotiate the showing terms with the tenant prior to signing a listing.  The customer did not tell me the tenant was his step son, with whom he routinely fought.  They started fighting in front of me, and my future customer pulled a gun.  I convinced him to put it away.  We never got this house listed.

4.  YOU HAVE KIDS?  Hoarder house.  I talk with the potential customer for about forty-five minutes on her deck.  She is clearly beyond her child rearing years, and, makes no mention of anyone else living in the home.  It’s the middle of the day, a weekday, and we go into a dark, dank basement.  I open a door to a random room and a little child, probably about three, immediately pops up out of a crib and another starts screaming.  I truly, for about four seconds, wondered if I was in a horror movie.  “You didn’t tell me you had children!”

3.  HAZMAT(T) – Admittedly this listing was signed and under contract, but it was a terrible call to make – the entire home had sat for some time, in the winter, with a hot water pipe having burst.  It was literally growing 6″ mushrooms on the floor, and there was a real cloud in the home.

2.  BOA CONSTRICTOR LOOSE – Two of us were looking at a hoarder’s home to discern what to do with it.  There was trash stacked three feet high in every room, years old food rotting everywhere, and, a boa constrictor that had escaped and not been found.  “Snakes, why does it have to be snakes?!” – Indiana Jones

1.  OWNER’S SON CHASES ME WITH GRAVEL RAKE.  These are the heavy metal ones.  I had approached their home, on foot, to ask whether they were willing to sell, or not.  Once I got to the end of the long wooded driveway, the owner’s son came to the front porch and said: “What do you want, boy?”  I said, nothing and started walking away.  He picked up the rake, chased me on foot (he had no chance), subsequently abandoned that idea, and then tried to run me over with his truck on a main street.  I lept into a wooded gully, and lost my cell phone.

That’s as bad as it’s gotten for me (knock on wood!).  What about you?

Five Reasons to Give an Electronic Listing Presentation

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Going on a listing presentation with Dustin Keeth, still a great friend of mine, was a career changing event for me.

Apparently, my book didn’t have the same affect (LOL)!

While he sent me this photo as a joke today, his presentation is definitely not… a joke.

About 7 years ago, I had been delivering listing presentations in people’s homes, without success.  Then, I saw Dustin give his presentation on a laptop computer at a time when electronic media was not ubiquitous.  I left the presentation thinking, “Wow!  I wouldn’t use ME if I saw that!”

The power of seeing his price and listing presentation on a monitor, as opposed to in paper form, was game changing.  I have never since given a paper market analysis to anyone; it has been all electronic.

Essentially, most of Section II in The Real Estate Sales Secret can be attributed to Dustin’s sharing with me.  Here is why you need to present electronically:

1.  Duh.  Everything is electronic now.  If you present paper, postcards, and a binder of sorts to someone, and your peer gives them an electronic presentation with images, video, and proof, in an open interview environment, it’s very difficult to win.  This would be like trying to play pro soccer in bare feet: the game has changed.

2.  Seeing is believing.  If you give them paper, the customer can easily create doubts in their mind that you can’t refute with paper you haven’t prepared.  When they have doubts about what you are showing them on a monitor or T.V., you can easily access proof of your statement online.

3.  Electronic marketing is electronic.  It doesn’t physically exist, so if you show them paper, you are showing them a photo of a ghost.  I don’t believe in ghosts I don’t see (none), neither does your customer.  Show them what you are actually doing, in the form you are doing it.

4.  It demonstrates that you have a handle on technology.  Let’s face it, most of us worry that we don’t understand the internet, or portions of it.  Your customer is rightly concerned that you know how to use the internet to market their home (this is a significant portion of what they are paying you for).   If you show them what you are going to do, it’s hard for them to doubt you, even if they don’t understand the process of listing a home for the whole world to see.

5.  You can readily show examples of small mistakes that cost people big money.  A listing marked in the wrong area, with the wrong number of bedrooms, or with the wrong zoning.  If we don’t list our properties correctly, we limit their exposure and our ability to sell them for the best price!  You can stand out if you can demonstrate the efficiency, professionalism, and accuracy of your listings as compared to others (don’t compare to people, but listings).

Most offices, if they don’t already, will buy you a presentation setup.  I have asked once and gotten in twice!  Best of luck!